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We offer personalised wedding dance packages to make you feel confident and look fantastic dancing on your big day.

Choose the song you wish to use for your first dance and our experienced wedding dance choreographers will teach you beautiful choreography that is easily achievable. Don't worry if you have two left feet or have never danced before, we will have you dancing gracefully and confidently with your partner. We have many happy couples who have enjoyed the process of learning their dance with us in preparation for their big day.

Classes are held privately and are personally tailored to each couple's requirements. 

A range of packages are available at competitive prices, without the agency fees. We pride ourselves in keeping costs low as we understand that a wedding can be expensive.  We work with you to create a dance that you really want, whether that's a classical traditional style wedding dance, or add a hilarious twist to your routine with a mash up to your favourite dance/pop track. 

Take a look at our packages below and feel free to contact us to outline your needs. 

Wedding First Dance 

Bronze Package



Suitable for couples on a budget, or have left it to the last minute! Or for those couples who are confident dancers and would like a choreographed routine without the need to learn the steps in detail.The bronze package offers one class to teach you the basics and give you structure to your routine. 

One 1 hour class 

60 minutes tuition


Silver Package



Perfect for the couple who are beginners and perhaps are not too confident. This package offers two classes to prepare you for your big day. In the first class we will teach you steps to your chosen song and create a dance that you will feel super confident doing and will enjoy it! The second class will act as a rehearsal and will clean up any thing you or your partner are unsure of.

Two 1 hour classes

120 minutes tuition



Gold Package



This option is for couples who want to impress and have a full choreographed routine that will dazzle and surprise your wedding guests. An ideal option for absolute beginners who need a bit more time to learn how to dance and learn the choreography. The routine will suit your style and your dance ability perfectly. The first class you will learn how to dance and the basic steps, the second class we will learn the routine in full and the third class will be making sure the choreography looks polished and will act as a rehearsal. 

Three  1 hour classes

180 minutes tuition








Platinum Package 


Suitable for couples who have more time to perfect their dance and do not need to practise too much at home between classes. Learn a routine which matches your requirements, ability and style perfectly in a relaxed and friendly environment. This package enables you and your partner to be step perfect and the routine to be polished to really impress your friends and family. 


One 90 minute class

One 60 minute classes

One 60 minute rehearsal 

210 minutes tuition




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