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I am so pleased that we found this school after moving to the area last year.
Miss Claire is absolutely brilliant and embodies what every great dance teacher should be - encouraging, supporting and motivating my daughter at every lesson. I really do see a marked improvement in my daughters general posture and alignment since joining the class and she repeats with regularity some funny thing that Miss Claire has said during lesson which brought a smile to her face.
My daughter loves going to her classes which speaks for itself. Thank You Academy of Ballet ! Highly recommendable.

Jennifer - Mummy of Matilda.

My Daughter has fallen in love with all things Ballet! It is all down to Miss Claire’s enthusiasm, passion and patience with the children. She really makes it fun! I have seen my daughter grow in confidence and ability. The ABC fosters a community spirit where performances are done as charity fund raisers and support for town fayres. As a mum I am truly grateful for Miss Claire’s input in my daughter’s life.

Michelle - Mummy of Sydney

Hollie has been going to ABC School of Ballet since she was tiny, right up to today and she loves every moment. It does wonders with her confidence, teaches her structure, motivation self discipline and grace. As well as lots of other good things. If you have been thinking about taking your little one, I say do it! ☺ it's the best thing i've done for Hollie. Thanks miss Claire Kahane xx

Kelly - Mummy of Hollie

Claire is a fantastic teacher both my daughters attend ballet and absolutely love it they have both learnt so much from Claire and really enjoying doing the end of term shows.

Natasha - Mummy of Italia and Aaliyah

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