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Photography​: It is school policy that photography and filming are forbidden during classes. However, we do allow you to bring cameras during school performances.


Parent Watching Days: Parents are invited to watch the final class of each term. Parents are politely asked to refrain from talking and are asked to switch mobile phones to silent. All calls must be answered outside the studio. There is to be no food inside the studio. All rules are in place to assist your children’s learning and enjoyment of Ballet and to help maximise their levels of improvement. 


First Aid​: All teachers at the Academy of Ballet Chigwell hold current first aid qualifications and these are reviewed and updated every 3 years. On the rare occasion that a child should fall over or have a little accident the school holds a policy that everything is recorded in our incident report file. Of course we understand the importance of child safety and so we endeavor to carry out safe and fun classes for our students. A system is in place to ensure our studios are clean and tidy before classes and our teachers are required to ensure each child is dressed appropriately with hair tied back away from the face and shoe elastics attached to prevent falls.


Charity Supporters: The school regulary raises money for various charities. If you would like to suggest a charity for our next show please get in touch.


Scholarship Programme​: The school offers a scholarship programme for girls between the age of 14 and 22 years old who wish to become professional dance teachers or/and professional dancers. Please email the principle for further information.


Discounts and Promotions: The school offers various discounts and promotions throughout the school term. These are subject to change and are at the descretion of the school principle. 


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